Little-Known Ways of Boosting Your DNS Performance

DNS Performance

Your domain name system might be the powering gear to low speed on your website. Improving its performance is an excellent idea. You may witness increased sales by adjusting its performance a bit. But how do you achieve this goal? That’s what this article is about. Here are the little-known ways of boosting your DNS performance and enjoying great online success – try them:

Ensure you have few hostnames for your website

If its your first instance in the website hosting world, you might have difficulty in understanding the word hostname. In a layman’s language, a hostname is a label or a name of a specific device connected to a computer network. It is part of your URL that directs a visitor to a specific page. For instance, if you own a domain name where you sell different devices, you can have hostnames for each item or category of items you offer.

Say, for example; you have electronics. You can have a hostname by the name electronics. While having some hostnames eases accessibility of products by your customers, it works negatively for you. Many hostnames injure your loading speed. The names increase the number of IP searches before giving the final results which are a delay in your site loading.

Go for a server closer to your target audience when hosting your website

Certainly, you are aware of this fact: your distance from your server impacts your loading speed. For instance, a visitor will access a website hosted in their country easily than one in another nation. Where you host your site will determine your traffic level and time taken to give results. Explaining this aspect from a DNS perspective can give you a clear picture. As you know, DNS system translates a domain name into IP address and back.

Having a local server means that the IP address of your site will be easier to access as the search will not take forever. The search will happen on a single server meaning high loading speed.  However, you can boost your website loading speed by going for a cloud server. With it, your customers will find an IP address closer to them. So, regardless of their location from your business, they will experience high loading speed.


The online market is experiencing cutthroat competition. To be successful requires that your website design to be superior, SEO friendly and highly responsive. However, most importantly, you need to have a fast website, or else visitors will abandon your website for your competitors. Also, Google uses speed as a ranking factor. The strategies in this article will help to improve your DNS performance.