Here Are the Top 4 Free DNS Services Available for You

Are you experiencing slow loading when reaching out to a website? Indeed, many issues affect the loading speed. The distance between your access point and the website servers’ location or congestion in the DNS system can be the major issues. Also, malicious attacks on the servers can be the reason for slowing down of the website speed. Apart from this, geographical location of the name server and your access point play a central role in website speed enhancement.

For instance, trying to check a webpage in a remote country that is not well connected to the internet can take a longer period. The server sends a number of queries before providing the needed results. However, changing your DNS settings can harness the performance of your network. The good idea is that you do not need any coin to do this. An array of free DNS services is available at your doorstep that you can take charge of or utilize to harness your connectivity. So, where is the best place to buy a domain name? Here are the top 4:


Other than being the largest search engine, Google does other essential function. First, it is the company behind Android the operating system of a large number of modern smartphones. Also, it allows you to sell online through the Google My Business page. In this case, Google provides you with free DNS services. The with its preceding backup of is a superb service that is available and enables you to filter and boost your site security

Also, it is simple to use and do not need any special configuration. You can use it in any device or type of website. When considering the speed of this DNS service, it ranks as one of the fastest public Domain Name servers. Hence, you can expect the best results when you take it as your DNS server.


Apart from the Google DNS, the next top-ranking provider is Cisco. This company provides a DNS to help you shield your site or device from anti-phishing controls, parental and subscription tiers control, and so on. The OpenDNS is with a backup of

Also, you can adjust your service to three categories depending on the filtering services you are seeking. These services are Family Shield, Home, and the VIP Home. While others are free, you need to pay $20 per annum for the VIP Home DNS services. However, it is worth the amount as you will enjoy enhanced security and filtering of all the sites which will boost your site performance.

VeriSign DNS

Another public DNS service is from VeriSign. This company is operating on the aspect that it will respect the privacy element by refraining from collecting users’ data. The company offers access points on and Also, their provider is on the forefront to ensure no malicious site visits on your device or have access to your information. This way, you are one step ahead of enjoying a secure network. It also boosts your online performance.


As you know, some companies fetch your information in the name of providing you with free DNS. They use this information to send you phishing ads or to promote their products. Others offer a room for access to your data to malicious sites. Hence, they put you at high risk of becoming a cyber attack victim for DNS.Watch, you are safe from such issues. Their DNS which are and is unique. They do not store your weblogs.

By this, it means that no unauthorized person will access your private information. Or else, no one will know what you were searching online. Hence, you are sure that your data is always safe.

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